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From sedentary manager to nomadic author!

Dear reader, my name is Kenan, I was born on June 27, 1985 in Lyon, France and I currently live between Canada, France, and Colombia. In 2018, my employer offered me to take the reins of the company in which I had entered as a carpenter several years before.
That same year, I understood a fundamental thing: the only resource that never recovers is time. I was selling my time, my most precious asset, and every year I pushed back my dreams of travel and artistic achievement.

I had to make an important decision.   I politely declined the offer and left to travel with my companion with no return date. From the ultra material comfort of Canadian life, I moved to a very humble and minimalist way of life to refocus on the essentials.

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From the humid depths of the Colombian jungle to the extreme altitudes of the Andes Cordillera, I took advantage of the time I had recovered to write the first volume of the War of the Seven Moons in 2019: an adventure directly inspired by this formidable odyssey. 
In 2020, I will transform a bus into a real house on wheels to explore the west coast of Canada for a year. Volume 2 of the War of the Seven Moons is inspired by these grandiose landscapes where seeing wild animals is daily, as well as a certain idea of freedom.

I invite you to read this fantastic trilogy   and travel to a magical world by turning each page. 
Happy reading and may the moons protect you!


Qui je suis

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Meeting with Kenan Olivier

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October 2021
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The first chapter of Book 1 & 2 
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  May the Moons protect you!

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