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A Young Adult Fantasy Trilogy

The War of the
seven Moons

The Lost Moondewer - Book One (English Edition) 

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The Lost Moondewer

book one - english edition

Magic, dragons, Steampunk machines, a dangerous cartel, a ruthless empire and a brave young man on whom the fate of the world rests. Fantasy Young Adult lovers, this book is for you!

Mysterious disappearances…
… Are terrifying the people of Horalis!  


The Imperium is behind these abductions but nobody dares to defy its ruthless police that hunts down and gets rid of anyone who uses magic ... Until the day young Edhelja finds a medallion that awakens his magical powers.

Suddenly, he becomes an intolerable threat for the Imperium, as well as a new hope for those who still dream of freedom.

How will he defend himself against the evil sorcerers that the Imperium sends out to take him down? 

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The Lost Moondewer - Book One

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Book Cover -English Version- La Guerre Des Sept Lunes- (1).png

The author


I am a French writer, filmmaker & traveler. My name is Kenan, I was born on June 27, 1985 in Lyon, France and I currently live in Canada. In 2018, my employer offered to take the kidneys of the company I had joined as a carpenter several years earlier.

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That same year, I understood a fundamental thing: the only resource that is consumed without ever being renewed is time. I was selling my time, my most precious possession, and every year I pushed back my dreams of travel and artistic achievement.

I had to make an important decision. I politely declined the offer and left to travel with my partner with no return date. From the ultra material comforts of Canadian life, I moved to a very humble and minimalist lifestyle to refocus on the essentials.

From the humid depths of the Colombian jungle to the extreme altitudes of the Andes Cordillera, I took advantage of the time that I had recovered to write the War of the Seven Moons: an adventure directly inspired by this formidable odyssey and by a certain idea of Liberty.

About l'author

A Look Inside The world of 7 Moons

Explore the world map of Horalis
Lunar Craters
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